Miller Firearms Training

Miller Firearms Training provides defensive handgun training for those people who wish to use firearms safely and effectively in the event of an attack. Miller Firearms Training is owned and operated by Jeremy Miller, a former Marine Corps Scout-Sniper and U.S. State Department Diplomatic Security contractor.

We believe that everyone should be able to exercise their Constitutional right to bear arms; but with that right comes great responsibility. Accurate and effective use of a firearm is a learned skill that requires practice. We train for the practical use of your handgun in defensive situations.

Miller Firearms Training focuses on the psychological and physiological effects of a high-stress, violent encounter. It is important to understand how your body reacts to stressful situations so that your training can be designed to help you overcome those challenges.

If you are interested in getting or renewing your Minnesota Permit to Carry, or are looking for additional firearms training, Miller Firearms Training can help your achieve your goals.

Defending the lives of you and your family is too important to entrust your training to amateurs. When seconds count and immediate actions mean winning or losing, you need to train with someone who’s actually been there. With almost four years of operational combat experience as a Scout Sniper Team Leader in the Marine Corps and protecting government diplomats, I have the real world experience to give you the upper hand.

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