If you live in or travel to a state that allows you to carry your firearm concealed or open, you have a decision to make. In Minnesota, where I live, we are issued a “permit to carry” with no distinction being made between open or concealed. I sometimes see people openly carrying their pistol for the world to see. Its their right, but I don’t think that’s the best way to carry.

First of all, in a close combat type situation, surprise is key. An attacker will almost always have the element of surprise on his side. By showing your hand with your pistol exposed, you have prepared an attacker for a defense that otherwise would have been unexpected. In fact, you have probably made yourself a target. Now its possible that by seeing your firearm an attacker would be less likely to assault you, since they generally look for easy, soft targets, but I would rather have surprise on my side.

The other reason I think you should conceal your weapon is that it makes other people uncomfortable to see someone, especially a man, with a gun. Whether we like it or not, we live in a time where there are “mass shootings” in public places each year. Which I believe is a great reason to carry a firearm, but people can’t read your mind or know your intentions. There are already people in our country fighting tooth and nail to end our right to carry firearms, I’d prefer that we don’t alienate other citizens by making them nervous.

Find a good gun, carry it everyday, and keep it concealed.

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