How old do I need to be to get a MN permit to carry?

21 years old

Do I get a permit to carry when I complete your class?

No, you must apply at your local sheriff’s department and pay a fee (usually $100). You must have the certificate from the class to apply however.

I have never fired a pistol before, can I take your permit to carry class?

Yes, however I highly recommend taking a course to familiarize yourself with a handgun first. Carrying a pistol is a big responsibility and you should be proficient with your pistol before you carry. The MN Permit to Carry course is not shooting intensive and you must pass the qualification course of fire to receive your certificate.

Is the qualification course hard?

No, it is designed to test whether or not you meet a minimum baseline of proficiency handling and firing your pistol. The qualification course requires you to load and unload your own pistol and fire 10 rounds at an FBI-Q target from a distance of 7 yards. You must hit the target at least 8 times (80%) to pass. If this will be challenging for you, please consider additional training as you probably should not exercise your right to carry.

Do you provide a pistol and ammunition?

Yes, you can use my Glock 19 for no cost, just bring at least 10 rounds of 9mm ammunition.

Is there an additional range fee for any of the courses?

No, there is an outdoor range on site.

Can a group of my friends and family get a private course?

Yes, private courses can be arranged if there are a minimum of 4 people.

What kind of pistol should I buy?

I don’t know. That depends on a lot of different things. Everyone is built differently so a handgun that fits me well, may not fit you well. I recommend firing different pistols to see which one is most comfortable for you.

Can I use a .22 for the qualification course?

No, you must use .38 caliber or larger.

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